Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips

If you spill something on your carpet and you are worried about the stain, stay calm! In most cases, you will find that it is easy to get rid of the stains if you are proactive.

Firstly, if the spillage is fresh, pick up any ‘chunks’ of food, and blot up any liquid (do not rub, this will make the stain worse). Then use a solution of warm soapy water on the stain to try to pull out anything that is left over. You may need to repeat the process of rinsing and blotting several times in order to get rid of the stain, but usually even things like wine or tomato sauce will come out!


When it comes to day to day cleaning, and getting rid of dust, pet hair, mud, etc., little and often really is the best idea. It may be worth paying for professional services occasionally if you have pets or a large family, but if it’s just you and your spouse in an apartment and you work all day and socialise a lot, then you will find that regular pass-overs with a vacuum cleaner should more than do the job.

If you do hire a carpet cleaning company, make sure that they are insured and check their references! Anyone can set themselves up as a cleaner, but someone who doesn’t know much about cleaning products could end up damaging your carpets, and if they do fade or stain them in any way then that would be expensive to fix.

For difficult stains, very old carpets, or expensive carpets, it’s best to let a real expert do the job, because cutting corners could ruin it, and leave you with no option but to hide the stain with a rug or with some furniture!

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