How to Control a Dog

Dogs are social animals that, like us, they seem to have their standards, laws and politeness. In the last few years there have been very useful observations and studies in order to advance our knowledge of the Canine Language 101. It seems that all the dogs speak the same language. Knowing this language is essential if you want to understand how our companion agrees with his fellows to avoid accidents. Often, we can better grasp the motives that drive him to have reactions and behaviors that may seem aggressive, “dominant” Nervous etc.

It is always better to train and socialize your dog when he is young because dogs learn and develop certain behavior from when they are puppies which becomes hard to shed when they grow older.

when looking for solution on how to stop a dog from misbehaving, you must know and understand your dog’s body language. Using the knowledge of his body language, one can better observe and know when to give commands or take actions before your dog displays negative behavior.

Obedience is an integral part of canine education, but also for sociability and the various therapies of behavioral disorders.

The three common method of training dogs are, the brutal method, the so-called natural method, the positive reinforcement.The brutal method is not encouraged, these methods reflect an incompetent canine educator in my opinion.

positive reinforcement and motivation are the best training methods, avoid coercion and above all no brutality. accompany every positive action with encouragement. Our body gestures are important for communicating with the dog. Never look for the mistake on your dog as it necessarily comes from you, so even if you are upset or stressed avoid working with your dog until you recover. Remember that dogs are very social animals, try to include your dog in as many activities and as often as you because he also learns about you and his environment through play.

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